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Our Mission

At Authentic Recovery Homes, we understand how complex addiction is, and we know recovery IS possible. We believe that a person's environment, habits, and culture they surround themselves with has an enormous impact on their road to sobriety. Authentic Recovery's mission is to provide a safe, sustainable, and supportive home to men in recovery. We have cultivated an enriched community for men in all stages of sobriety. Some men can sustain sobriety independently, while others need structure.  Authentic Recovery is a stable, peer-led, structured home with ongoing guidance and community.


We See You!


Authentic Recovery Homes' Founder and leadership are actively involved with all aspects of our program participants' journey. With lived experience, long-term sobriety, and resources to provide intense 1:1 care plans, Authentic has resources and a wide network of organizations that assist when more intensive treatment is needed. Therapy, 1:1 treatment, IOP, family therapy, Medicaid sign-ups, and employment; our partners are present to ensure all needs are met for our program participants.

ARH cultivates a home that is built on life long relationships, community, and accountability. 

Our direct, personal, and accountability-driven culture encourages our residents to be the best version of themselves possible while thriving in sobriety.  

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