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Kelly Mahana

Founder & CEO

Kelly Mahana founded Authentic Recovery Homes in 2020 with the goal of helping men regain their lives back from addiction. Kellys' addiction began at age 10 when he started stealing alcohol from his families liquor cabinet. From there his life spiraled out of control; an addiction that began with alcohol increased with more harsh substances that included cocaine, meth, and many others. Throughout his addiction, Kelly suffered 2 near fatal overdoses & 1 fatal overdose (flat lining)  that he was saved by hospital staff.

Through an intensive inpatient treatment program, Kelly began his journey in sobriety. Kelly has a background in Case Management, Life Coach, trauma-informed training, and a solid network of organizations that specialize in IOP, therapy, benefit sign-up, & employment partners.

The Mahana's

Hear from our residents!

Andy T.

"Authentic Recovery Homes is by far the best in the recovery business if you ask me. Everything from the ownership to the quality of living is significantly higher than the other sober living homes I've been around. The Mahana family treats you as one of their own, they genuinely care and are present and involved inside the homes daily. I honestly have not been happier in my sobriety journey than I have been while living in Authentic Recovery Homes."

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